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Project Description

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CIL Gold Leaching Plant

Hengcheng company offers complete project solutions for gold leaching plant/CIL gold processing plant. We are one of the leading project suppliers for gold leaching plant/CIL plant, and we work closely with our customers to fulfill their specific needs for a customized packaged solution.


Gold CIL (Carbon in Leach) Process is an efficient design of extracting and recovering gold from its ore. By cyaniding and carbon leaching the gold ore slurry simultaneously, CIL process lower the gold mining operation cost, and increase gold recovery rate to a ratio of 98%. It has become the first choice of modern gold mining and beneficiation plant design.


CIL mainly applies for the process of above 1g/t grade gold ore and gold ore with large bearing ore volume: silver, platinum, copper, etc. As CIL sees a better performance in extracting these minerals at the same time.

General CIL Gold Processing Plant Design 

CIL gold processing plant mainly consists of following steps:

1 The ore is first reduced in size (typically 90% passing 200mesh ) to ensure that all non-refractory gold is readily accessible for cyanide leaching, There are several variations of comminution circuits used in the gold leaching industry, such as: Multi-stage crushing, then ball milling circuits, typical of ball mill and hyrocyclones.

2 Thickening (add lime flocculant)

After comminution, the ore pulp is into dilute and thickening stage. High efficient thickener is performed to increase the pulp density to about 50%.

3 Leaching

Leaching reagents in the form of cyanide and oxidant such as air or oxygen are added after thickening. Leaching take place in a series of agitated leaching tanks/slots.

4 Carbon adsorption

Before leaching, the pulp is passed through a linear vibrating screen to ensure removal of trash materials. This is done to minimize screen blocking in the adsorption section. After ore pulp pre-screening, the pulp flows through a cascade of well mixed adsorption tanks, typically 6-8 in number. The pulp residence time is about one hour in each tank. The tanks are normally mechanically agitated and each will contain a batch of activate carbon for adsorption (generally 10-25grams of carbon per liter of pulp). The carbon size is 0.6-0.8mm. The actual gold adsorption rate could reach 95-99%.

5 Desorption and electrowinning

The loaded carbon is treated by desorption and electro-winning equipment, after it, could get high grade gold mud.

6 Gold melting system

The gold mud feed into the smelting equipment, to get the final pure gold bars (>99%).

Scope of Supply for CIL gold processing plant / Gold leaching Plant  Main Equipment

1. Feeder

2.Jaw crusher/ cone crusher

3.Vibrating screen

4.Belt conveyors

5.Ball mill

6.Spiral classifier



9.Leaching Tanks

10.Electrowinning and desorption device

11.Gold smelting furnace, etc

12.Pipes & electric cables, control cabinets, diesel generator, etc.

A  CIL Gold Leaching Plant Overview

CIL Gold Processing Plant video

CIL Gold Plant Main Machinery List-1 (Example:A 100T/D Plant)

1Chute feeder980*1240mm1 setFeed into jaw crusher
2Jaw crusherPE400*6001 setPrimary crushing
3Fine crusherPE150*7501 setSecondary crushing
6Belt conveyorTD75-B5001 setLength: 20m
7Belt conveyorTD75-B5001 setLength: 20m
8Belt conveyorTD75-B5001 setLength: 10m
10Swaying feeder400*400mm2 setsfeeding for ball mill-1
12Ball mill-1GM15301 setfirst stage milling
13Spiral classifierFLG-121 set
14HydrocycloneFX1502 sets
15Slurry pump50PNJ2 setsone use, one standby
16Ball mill-2GM13301 setSecondary stage milling
17ThickenerNG-9.01 set Pulp making stage
18Buffer stirring tankRJ-15001 set under thickener
19slurry pump-250PNJ2 sets pump slurry to leaching tank
19Leaching tanks∮4.0m*4.5m8 sets gold leaching stage
20Carbon sieve∮300*1500mm7 sets
21Air lifter/ carbon lift deviceKQT-57 sets
22ZS Linear vibrating screenDZS04153 sets
23Carbon washing tankRJ-151 set
24Acid pickling tank∮1500*1500mm1 set
25Desorption electrolysis machine300kgs amount1 set
26Roots blowerHDSR-1251 set
27Reagent mixing tankBJW15001 setchemical agent mixing
28Water pumpIS80-65-160b2 setsone use, one standby
29tailing slurry pump (optional choice)to be confirmedpump tailing slurry to filter press
29filter press (optional choice)to be confirmedfor tailing dewatering

CIL Gold Plant Main Machinery List-2 (Example:A 750T/D Plant)

1Vibrating feederGZD12301 setFeed into jaw crusher
2Jaw crusherPE600*9001 setPrimary crushing
3Cone crusher-1PYD12001 setSecondary crushing
4Cone crusher-2PYZ17501 setThird crushing
5Circular vibrating screen2YA18481 set
6Belt conveyorTD75-B8001 setLength: 20m
7Belt conveyorTD75-B8001 setLength: 25m
8Belt conveyorTD75-B8001 setLength: 35m
9Electric magnetic iron removerB8001 set
10Swaying feeder600*600mm2 setsfeeding for ball mill-1
11Belt conveyorTD75-B6501 set
12Ball mill-1MQG27361 setfirst stage milling
13Spiral classifierFLG-241 set
14Hydrocyclone clusterFX300*61 set
15Slurry pump100ZJ-I2 setsone use, one standby
16Ball mill-2MQY21451 setSecondary stage milling
17ThickenerNG-241 set
18Buffer stirring tankRJ-30001 set
19Leaching tank∮7.5m*8m9 sets
20Carbon sieve∮700*2000mm8 sets
21Air lifterKQT-108 sets
22ZS Linear vibrating screenDZS08163 sets
23Carbon washing tankRJ-201 set
24Pickling tank∮1500*1500mm 1 set
25Desorption electrolysis machine500kgs amount 1 set
26Roots blowerTRRF2502 sets
27Reagent mixing tankBJW20002 sets
28Automatic reagent feederColumn 2 Value1 set
29submerged slurry pump40PV2 setspump tailing slurry
30Water pump to be confirmed2 setsone use, one standby
31filter pressto be confirmedfor tailing dewatering

Detailed Machinery Information

Equips Picture Brief Description
1. Item: Jaw crusher


3.Function: for first primary crushing, and reduce stone size to smaller (like 30-50mm)

4.Structure: cast iron out-frame + high-manganese steel jaw plates.

1.Item: Cone crusher


3.Function: for secondary or third crushing, and reduce stone size to smaller (like 15-30mm)

4.Structure: It breaks the rocks by squeezing it between the gyrating spindles. These spindles are fully covered with resistant mantle and a manganese bowl liner covers the hopper.

1.Item: Vibrating screen


3.Function: to screen out those useful small size heavy minerals (like <5.0mm) from rotary scrubber.

4.structure: steel out-frame + high-manganese steel screen

1.Item: wet type grinding Ball Mill


3.Function: to grinding ore into about 200mesh, and liberate out free gold contained by quartz.

4.Structure: steel welded out-frame + steel liner + steel balls

1.Item: Spiral classifier


3.Function: to form a close-circuit with ball mill for grinding, and control the mill output size;

4.Structure: steel welded out-frame

1.Item: Hydrocyclones


3.Function: to remove big part of mud&soil in the ore slurry by centrifuge force

4.structure: cast steel out-frame + polyurethane liner

1. Item: Thickener


3. Function: it is a kind of gravitational hydraulic grading equipment, to make sure ore pulp density reach 45-50%, PH value reach 10-11.

4. structure: transmission device + slot frame + moving beam + steel scrappers,etc

1. Item: Leaching tanks


3. function: to mix the ore pulp thoroughly with chemical agents, and make sure the activate carbons adsorb the gold ion fully.

4. structure: steel cross-bridge + driving device + vertical main shaft + reinforced steel impellers lined with rubber,etc

1. Item: ZS Linear vibration screens


3. Structure: steel out-frame + stainless steel mesh.

4. Function: to remove the impurity material before thickening, or extract carbon from leaching pulp.

1.Item: Buffer stirring tank


3.Function: for buffering mix the ore pulp under the thickener.

4.Structure: steel plate welded tank + driving device + vertical steel main shaft& impellers lined with rubber.

1. Item: Round carbon screen


3. Function: to separate the pulp from activate carbon, and keep the carbon stay in the tank.

4. Structure: steel out-frame + stainless steel mesh.

1. Item: Desorption electrolytic machine


3. Function: to obtains gold mud from carbon by desorption and electrowinning;

4. Structure: electric heater, desorption post, heat exchanger, whole electrolytic bath and pulp,etc

1. Item: Pickling agitation tank


3. Function: to wash the calcium carbonate on the surface of activate carbon by the dilute hydrochloric acid.

4. Structure: special designed stainless steel impellers + stainless main shaft + steel welded tank.

1. Item: Roots blower


3. Function: to supply air/oxygen to leaching tanks , to speed up inside chemical reaction.

4. Structure: cast steel out-frame

1. Item: Slurry pump

2. Brand: OEM

3. Function: to pump&transport ore slurry

4. Structure: cast steel out-frame + rubber lining

1. Water pump

2.Brand: OEM

3.Function: to supply water to all machines

1. Item: Gold melting furnace

2. Brand: OEM

3. Function: to smelt the gold mud into gold bars.

1. Item: Activated carbon

2. Brand: OEM

3. Material: shell carbon (normally coconut shell carbon)

4. Function: to adsorb the gold ion from pregnant leaching pulp.

Previous Gold CIL Plant Projects Show: 

CIL gold leaching plant whole project supply contents:

1. Project engineering design

The project engineering design includes the whole beneficiation flow sheet from the beginning of raw ore pile in the plant to the tailing treatment, general layout drawing, transportation in the plant, electricity power, automation, water supply and drainage, civil construction, machinery foundation, technical economy and so on. The design drawings and documents will be sent to the buyers after the design finished.

The design only includes the beneficiation plant inside. The roads out of plant, the pipeline from the water source area to the plant, outside power system to transformer in the plant are not included.

2.Equipment manufacture and supply

We can supply the whole line of gold leaching plant, including:

a. crushing system

b. grinding and classification system

c. leaching system

d. desorption and electrowinning device

e. gold smelting system

Supplier will confirm the requested mining equipment for the whole plant during the project engineering design. After offer the detailed equipment list & budget to buyers for final confirmation, then seller produces the main equipment and purchases other auxiliary equipment.

3. Package and delivery

Supplier makes a classification package plan for all kinds of equipment and auxiliary materials. Then transport the goods to buyers’ destination seaport safely.

4. Plant Installation

(1)Welding and installation the metal structures of the plant:

Including steel hopper, steel chute, steel platforms for operation and steel support; excluding civil engineering, steel structure platform and steel structure work of the workshop.

(2)Welding and installation the process pipelines of the plant:

Mainly including pipelines of slurry, water, gas and reagent, valves, elbows, flanges and fasteners; water pipelines excluding parts from water source to the plant, tailing pipelines excluding parts from exit of tailing pipe to tailing dam.

(3) Installation of distribution boards and operation control cabinets, laying of electric wire and cable, lighting fixtures.

If distance between switch house and plant is more than 3m, will be charged in addition. Excluding switch house, including but not limited to transformer, inlet wire, high-low voltage distribution boards in switch house.

The installation work done by seller including: installation for all kinds of main and accessory equipment of plant, plant electric fitting after transformer or generator, power distribution of equipment and lighting system, electric wire and cable, all pipelines of water supply and drainage and ore slurry, nonstandard device manufacturing on site, service platform, handrail and ladders (exclude steel construction).

The seller provides installation instrument, offer the above kinds of installation requested materials, labors, welding rods and paints during installation. All kinds of pipelines, valves, steel materials, electricity wires, electric cables, lamps and electrical power box, switch, the power distribution cabinets are included in the installation materials.

The buyer should supply electric, crane, oxygen and ethyne during installation.

The transformer, water supply pipelines from water source place to beneficiation plant and tailings pipelines from beneficiation plant to tailing pond are out of the duty of the installation.

The installation staff according to the project schedule arrive at the site in batches.

5. Commissioning

The seller will be in charge of guiding the whole beneficiation plant line machinery running without loading, and the loading trial test running to achieve the perfect status to meet the design targets and output.

The buyer will undertake the water, electric, steel balls, ore, lubrication oil and grease, cleaning instruments and so on needed during commissioning.

6. Personnel training

Seller trains the buyer’s managers, technicians and operators to operate the equipment and automation system and control the processing independently, and to manage the plant, maintain the equipment and accept the training of safety knowledge; confirm the contents of the item descriptions one by one in accordance with the contract requirements of the project, transfer all the technical documents and deliver the plant to the buyer.

7. other notes

The foundation, workshop, civil construction and tailing pond will be done by the local company entrusted by the buyer, according to the drawing& design provided by the seller.

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